Our Cemeteries

Our cemeteries provide families with a peaceful and tranquil place to spend time remembering loved ones.

We own and manage four cemeteries. Information about our cemeteries and the different types of burials that can be accommodated is given here.

Lawn Cemetery

This cemetery is set out in a regimental style to reflect the standards set by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. This cemetery is opposite the New Cemetery and is mainly lawn graves; it also contains two infant and children sections.
There are no new adult graves available in this cemetery. Spaces are available in the children’s section only. This Cemetery also accommodates  public toilet facilities.

Millennium Cemetery

The Millennium Cemetery is dedicated for the use of all religions. There are three main burial areas to the cemetery, incorporating two styles of graves – lawn and traditional. It also features cremation plots and a garden area incorporating a natural pond and benches. This cemetery also accommodates a public toilet.

Old Cemetery

The Old Cemetery is a traditional Victorian style cemetery with some new traditional grave spaces available. Opened in 1855 it follows the natural contours of the land and is very picturesque.
Specific areas are designated for certain religions. The areas for different beliefs are Muslim, Jewish, Quaker, Church of England and Non-Conformist.
This Cemetery also accommodates the South toilets (Public) and the Old Cemetery Church which is situated on the main roundabout.

New Cemetery

The New Cemetery is home to Ipswich Crematorium & the Temple of Remembrance which opened in 1937 and houses the Book of Remembrance and Niche Caskets.
Grave space at this cemetery is very limited.

We can offer help and advice around the choices and services that are available to you in Ipswich for burial, cremation or memorialisation.