Existing Graves and Ownership

Our bereavement services team seek to offer as much choice
as possible when arranging a dignified burial, cremation
or memorial service.

Burials in Existing Family Graves

If you already have a family grave in Ipswich Cemetery it may be possible for a further burial or interment of ashes to take place in the grave. To re-open existing family graves, consent will be required from the registered owner.


Being the registered owner of a grave gives you the right to be interred there without permission from anyone else. The owner is the only person authorised to give consent for any further interments or to allow the erection of a memorial or any changes to be made.

Transfer of burial rights

Permission is not required for the burial of the registered owner of a grave.

However, after the registered owner has been buried, the ‘burial rights’ to the grave should then be transferred at the earliest opportunity. To assist you in this process we have produced a leaflet: Transfer of burial rights.

Expired Graves

Graves from approximately 1960 onwards were purchased on 50 year leases and started to expire in 2010. These graves can be renewed for periods of 10, 25 and 50 years.

A full list of expired graves within Ipswich Cemeteries can be download below. Please contact the Cemetery Office if you require further information.

Expired grave leases – New Cemetery
Expired grave leases – Old Cemetery

Looking After Your Grave

Our grounds staff will inspect a grave for subsidence for approximately six months after an interment and top it up if necessary.

Graves in the Lawn Cemetery and the Lawn section of the Millennium Cemetery are automatically turfed nine to 12 months after a burial, at no additional cost. Graves in the Old, New and Traditional sections of the Millennium Cemetery can be turfed upon request and payment of the relevant fee.

If you or a family member has any additional concerns regarding ground conditions please contact us and we will arrange for remedial works to be undertaken.

We can offer help and advice around the choices and services that are available to you in Ipswich for burial, cremation or memorialisation.