Final Resting Place

Our cemeteries are a beautiful and peaceful resting place.

Choosing a Grave

There are three grave styles available:

This style of grave allows for a more individual style of memorial. A kerb set can be placed around the grave or a standard headstone can be fitted. Planting is permitted, subject to cemetery rules and procedures. Turfing of traditional style graves is available upon request.

A standard style headstone can be erected and the area is set out in a regimental style. No kerb sets or planting is allowed. Turfing is carried out automatically 9-12 months after the burial at no additional charge.

Special consideration is given when arranging the burial of children and babies and it is recommended to visit the cemetery in order to view the individual areas.

Public Graves
The Council retains all ownership rights to public graves, which are usually located in the Old Cemetery.

No headstone or marker can be placed on an adult public grave as other, unrelated burials, may have taken place in the past. In the current area of babies’ public graves a marker can be placed on the grave. These are supplied by the Council, in order to identify the individual graves.

Existing Graves and Ownership

If you are looking for information regarding burials in existing family graves, ownership, expired graves, burial rights and looking after your graves, please see Existing Graves and Ownership.


A place to visit, lay flowers and reflect on happy times with your loved one.

Temporary Markers

We recommend you allow a period of nine months for the ground to settle before erecting a headstone, for kerb sets at least 12 months.

In the interim, a temporary marker can be purchased and placed on the grave. These are aluminium, with a black background and silver lettering, and can be inscribed with the deceased’s name and grave number.

Temporary Marker application form.

Applying For a Memorial

Only the registered living owner of the grave can apply for a memorial. If there are no living owners a Transfer of Burial Rights will need to be completed.

The application form that your stonemason submits to us must be signed by all living owners.

Headstones, monuments and memorials will only be permitted according to the Cemetery rules and procedures that are in force at the time of application.

Maintaining a Memorial

We carry out a continuous programme of health and safety inspections on all memorials.

We reserve the right to remove any memorial which:

  • is not fixed in a safe manner;
  • has been erected without a permit;
  • has not had the appropriate fees paid;
  • has been erected in contravention to Cemetery rules and procedures.

Your memorial must be kept in good repair and is your sole responsibility.

A letter is sent to the grave owner if it fails a health and safety test. Therefore, if you move address please let us know so we can update our records.

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches can be placed in the Old, New and Lawn Cemeteries. The seat is paid for by the applicant and donated for use in the Cemetery by visiting members of the public.

A bronze plaque with space for up to four lines of lettering is fitted on the back rail of the seat. Space for seats is limited and the location must be agreed with the Cemetery Manager.

Individual Memorial Seat application form

We can offer help and advice around the choices and services that are available to you in Ipswich for burial, cremation or memorialisation.