We know how important memorials are as a
lasting symbol of remembrance.


There are several forms of memorialisation available following cremation. For more details on any of our memorials, please get in touch.


  • Book of Remembrance – this popular memorial scheme is now viewable online, although volumes remain on display within the Temple of Remembrance
  • Millennium Walkway Brick – you can permanently remember a loved one by having their name inscribed on an individual brick and placed in the Rose Garden, Walk of Remembrance.
  • Memorial Panels – alabaster or marble wall panels are available in two sizes in the Temple of Remembrance bearing hand cut inscriptions.
  • Memorial Tablets – our memorial Tablet scheme is situated upstairs in the Temple of Remembrance on a central balcony overlooking the ‘Book Room’ (a limited number of Tablets are available downstairs).
  • Leather Panels – situated in the Book Room within the Temple of Remembrance, the Panels are covered with dark blue leather and the lettering is finely hand tooled in 23 carat gold.
  • Seat Plaques – bronze plaques on individual or shared benches with space for up to four lines of inscription.
  • Rose Plaques – plaques are available to lease within the pre-planted rose beds.
  • Yorkstone Tree Boulders – a Memorial Yorkstone Boulder can be placed at the base of your chosen tree. Each boulder can accommodate a six line inscription and they are on a 5 year renewable lease.
  • Memorial Vase Blocks – situated around the outside of the circular scattering lawns in the Remembrance Gardens at the Millennium Cemetery. A black polished granite tablet with your personal inscription is fixed to the white marble block. A vase located in the top of the block, enables you to place flowers in memory of a loved one.
  • Mulberry tree – Our new mulberry tree has recently been installed in the Millennium cemetery and is a special way to commemorate loved ones. Handmade granite leaves hang from the branches, which can be inscribed with silver lettering and colour artwork.

Downloadable application forms for some of these memorials are available from our website.

We can offer help and advice around the choices and services that are available to you in Ipswich for burial, cremation or memorialisation