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Fees and charges
The Bereavement Services price list covers burial or cremation and associated costs, plus memorials. The new fees came in to effect from April 2024.

Transfer of Burial Rights form
Only the registered living owner of the grave can apply for a memorial. If there are no living owners a Transfer of Burial Rights form will need to be completed.

Cemetery rules and procedures
Headstones, monuments and memorials will only be permitted according to the Cemetery rules and procedures that are in force at the time of application.

Particulars for a Cremation
From the 6th April, all funeral directors using our crematorium must complete this form and send it to the Cemetery Office immediately following the verbal arrangements made by telephone. All forms must be received no later than two working days prior to the cremation, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Assignment of Right of Burial form

Renunciation form

Statutory Declaration form

Consent for Re-opening Grave/Urn Plot form

Memorial application forms

Shared Memorial Seat application form 
A shared memorial seat scheme exists in the Millennium Cemetery. Each seat holds up to four aluminium plaques.

Book of Remembrance application form
This is a permanent, recorded memorial to people who have passed away. The book is on display throughout the year in the beautiful Temple of Remembrance.

Millennium Book of Remembrance application form

Memorial Vase Block Tablet application form
These memorials are situated around the Gardens of Rest at the Millennium Cemetery. This enables you to place flowers in memory of a loved one, whose cremated remains have been scattered.

Walk of Remembrance application form
You can remember those you have loved by having their name inscribed on individual brick and placed in our Walk of Remembrance among the rose beds in the Garden of Rest.

Rose Garden Plaque application form
A plaque can be placed in our rose bed along the Crematorium drive in memory of a loved one, and by a standard rose in the Old Cemetery and Millennium Cemetery to mark the resting place of cremated remains.

Baby Memorial Plaque application form
For families who would like a place to remember their infant, a thoughtfully designed memorial plaque can be placed at our teddy bear memorial.

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