Mulberry Tree


Our new Mulberry Tree is a special place to reflect and remember. 


Mulberry Tree

Memorials are a special way to remember those we have lost. Our new mulberry tree has recently been installed in the Millenium cemetery and is a special way to commemorate loved ones. Handmade granite leaves hang from the branches, which can be inscribed with silver lettering and colour artwork. The mulberry tree is a tranquil place to reflect and remember.


How to Order

To purchase a mulberry leaf with standard lettering with a five year lease £198 – at the end of the five years if the lease is not renewed, we can return the leaf to you upon request, allowing to have the engraved leaf as a keepsake to remember your loved one. Additional years can be purchased if you wish the leaf to remain on the tree.

It will take around 2 – 4 weeks from you placing your order to the leaf being installed.

If you wish to add artwork from one of the 6 designs (heart of any colour, acorn, cross, ladybird, butterfly, four leaf clover) there will be an additional cost of £30. For this option, it will take around 4 – 6 weeks from you placing your order to the leaf being installed.

We know this can be a difficult time, and we are able to arrange instalment payments once the order has been placed, to enable you to purchase a memorial without the additional worry of payment.